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It wasn’t that long ago when people had to use high-end digital cameras, such as DSLRs, to capture professional-quality photographs. However, smartphones have gradually caught up with DSLRs and many of the latest high-end smartphones like the OPPO F3 now boast the kind of superior specs which once could only be found on high-end digital cameras.

The surge in smartphone camera quality is slowly killing the point-and-shoot market. More surprisingly, many professional photographers and shutterbugs are ditching their heavy, complicated DSLRs in favor of more compact, lightweight smartphones. Nowadays, it’s quite common to see sightseers at popular attractions using their smartphones to take photos, leaving their expensive DSLRs dangling around their necks.

Many renowned photographers have ditched their professional gear and now work exclusively or almost exclusively with smartphones.

Kevin Russ, the professional iPhone photographer, uses nothing more than an iPhone and a handful of creative apps to shoot dynamic, high-quality images whichhe then uploads to stock photo websites. Benjamin Lowy, the award-winning photojournalist, has documented conflicts using an iPhone and the Hipstamatic app.

With so many endorsements from such notable figures, does this mean that DSLRs have become obsolete? Can smartphone cameras now outperform DSLRs?

Pros of using a Smartphone camera

1. More portable, less bulky, and less noticeable than a DSLR
If you’re going for a night out with friends or going on a first date, it makes sense to leave your bulky and heavy DSLR at home and record your precious moments with your lightweight and portable smartphone. Bringing along additional gear like speedlights, extra batteries and a camera bag will only make things harder for you, and you’ll certainly look awkward in social situations where professional photographers aren’t expected.

2. Allows you to share your photos easily with contacts
Your smartphone was designed to help you communicate and share information with your contacts. If you’re main activity is shooting and sharing photos (whether it’s through text, email, chat, or social media), then the smartphone is your best ally. Armed with a smartphone camera and a great editing app, you can shoot, edit, and share polished and interesting photos with your target audience.

On the other hand, while older DSLRs lack Wi-Fi connectivity (requiring users to transfer photos from the camera to their computers before they could be shared),some newer models of DSLR are Wi-Fi enabled.


About OPPO
OPPO is an ever-evolving global smartphone brand dedicated to delivering customers with the most extraordinary experience through innovative technology, meticulous design and camera expertise for the last 10 years, OPPO has been focusing on manufacturing camera phones , while innovating mobile photography technology break thoughts.

While Talking about the camera, OPPO has been focusing on camera and design of the phone so today we will discuss about the OPPO F3 dual selfiee camera where there is dual camera in front one is for selfie and another is for group selfie.

OPPO F3 Key Specificationsuntitled

So Said above, there is dual front-facing camera which includes a 16MP camera for selfies, and an industry-first 8MP camera with ultra-wide angle for group selfies. . The ultra-wide angle, 6P front camera gives a larger field-of-view, twice larger view than a normal selfie camera.
The 6P lens solves the main challenge of capturing many people within an image frame, yet maintains a high-level of professional image quality with minimal image distortion. The other front camera utilizes 16 MP resolution, 1/3-inch sensor and a large f/2.0 aperture.
Today, we will brief you about how OPPO F3is better than DSLR with the help of these following points.

Cons of Using an OPPO F3 Camera
1. Portraiture
With a DSLR, you can choose a 50mm macro lens for portrait photography, enabling you to capture highly detailed portraits. In contrast ,OPPO F3 front facing dual camera of 16- Megapixel and 8-Megapixel which means it will give you picture quality nearly like DSLR.

2. Limited battery life
Despite the rave specs found, the battery life of a smartphone has been described by the reviewers as “frustrating”. But OPPO F3 which is of 3200 mah gives you the enough battery life to click a picture like DSLR quality.

Which Camera Type is better? The Choice is Up to You
Both OPPO F3cameras and DSLRs have unique strengths and drawbacks. Photographers need to consider them carefully according to the bulk of their needs before they decide on the right camera. Go for aOPPO F3camera if you want to capture, edit, and publish photos in real-time. DSLRs, meanwhile, are great for professionals in a variety of fields who need to produce technically accomplished photographs.
But inOPPO F3dual selfie camera we have two modes in the system.
So, we can sayOPPO F3 is an perfect solution for the trained professional photographers to take a selfie in an expert mode as well as the fresher’s who just started the photography.

• OPPO F3 Clicks a group selfie in the frame whereas clicking a group selfie with DSLR can make you go wrong in the frame until you are a professional photographer.
• OPPO F3 has two mode in the camera one is Expert mode and another is Normal mode.
• Expert mode is for those professional camera photographer who knows very well to operate the camera, pictures and its framing.
• Normal mode is for those who are fresher’s or learning to click a picture.
• OPPO F3 is a stylish body metal designed phone of 153 grams which allows you to hold the camera for long time in your hand and click more group selfies but DSLR comes with minimum weight of 650 grams available in the market, which allows us to click a one selfiee at a time.

• OPPO F3 is a small weigh DSLR where you can carry it everywhere and enjoy the picture quality like DSLR and also can edit the picture at the moment but for DSLR you have to be connected to the computer which of course takes a time.

The video link which is posted below will prove all those points mentioned above.

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