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Android devices have recently been on the rise over the past few years and most of the people nowadays possess one or the other devices which are powered by the Android Operating System. A vast amount of information might be stored by these devices and might be lost or deleted accidentally. How to recover your lost and important files from android in a hassle free manner? Read on to find out. To recover deleted files from android, you will have to have the Dr.Fone software which works pretty well on both rooted and non-rooted devices.




Downloading and installing the Dr.Fone software

Access the Dr.Fone tool from a tested and reliable source and download as well as install it on your PC. A free version with limited functionality can be downloaded or you can download the inexpensive paid version.


Connecting your android device to the PC

The next step involved is now to connect your device to the PC. First, run the program and then connect your device so that it is recognizable by the Dr.Fone software. Your device must have a battery percentage of over 20%.


Enabling the USB debugging mode

The debugging mode should be selected on your android device n order to recover deleted files from the android device. The onscreen instructions can be followed in order to allow USB debugging. For the android devices in the 4.2 or later versions, you will have to go to “Settings”, “About Phone” and then “Build Number for 7 times until you get the notification of “You are under developer mode”. You will next have to go back to setting and tap “developer options” where you will find “USB Debugging”.

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Scan you device

Click next on the program and this will help you scan your device. For ease, check the content that you want to scan. For example, click the gallery for scanning lost photos. This is a long period of inactivity that might take some chunk of your time.



A list of the recovered files will appear and you can click the check box next to teach of the items that you wish to restore. These data will be on the existing hard drive of your computer and can be copied to your android device with ease.

Another option is to use the Undelete Recovery Files and Data app but this works only for rooted devices. It thus is better to use Dr.Fone which is suitable to be used by both rooted and non-rooted devices.

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