Who is She ?

६ वर्ष अगाडि

It all starts when: She catches the Public bus at same time………..


She greets me with usual direct eye contact,

She adores my get up with her stretching eyes,

At time she detest my outlook with glazed look,

She draws my attention by clearing her throat,

She makes me Smiley out of no where through her absurd pose,

She makes me feel nervous with continuous unblinking eyes,

She makes me skip my heart beat by irregular approach,

She mocks me in public via ludicrous laugh,

She taunts at my innocence via sound of bubblegum on her mouth,

She praise my efforts with gentle appealing looks,

She discourage my actions via roguish expression,

She makes me tight lipped through her pleading looks,

She fakes me to pretend straight faced as if I am vacant,

She makes me wide eyed with her quizzical actions,

She awaits for my views showing her reddish colorful hands,

She questions on my choice pulling her stylish ear rings,

She lures me towards her beauty by playing with her curly hairs,

She makes me nostalgic through her colorful pout lips,

She makes me injured by her shinning brownish eyes,

She knit her brows observing me to be sullen,

She look askance to ascertain my wan,

sexy_housemaid2But alas!! What to say when these non-verbal communication,

Has no meaning at all.

Cause one day I need to choose a destination,

That would depart us forever!!

Knowing all these facts still my Heart demands an Explanation,

On behalf of her striving efforts;


– Kiran Parajuli



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